Touch Lights

Custom touch light allows you to animate your space with color in a way that you have never seen before! Tap to light up your photo and change the layout of the lights with the easy to use magnet locking system. Ensure that your uploaded images are of high resolution. If it looks pixelated on your screen when you zoom in, the resolution isn’t high enough.

Features of touch light
– Customized touch light connect from every side, creating endless possibilities
– Simply swipe across the areas you want to turn on, swipe again to turn off.
– Easy to install by connecting the magnetic edges.
– Suitable for both adults and kids.
– Adding a dash of sophistication to your living room or study décor with it.
– Easy plugin and swipe away!

Product includes:
– 10 lights that can be arranged in many shapes through the built-in magnets
– Adhesive stickers to attach to the wall
– Power adapter.

– 11.397 cm x 9.872 cm (Single light)

In stock (can be backordered)

Touch Lights