Laptop Cover – Macbook Air 13 2018 – 2020

Estimated Delivery: 01 Mar - 05 Mar
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Be inspired and protect your laptop with a personalized cover that will make your laptop reflect your personality. You can print a quote, pattern, photo, logo, landscape, or your own design. We have added some ready-made templates with vibrant designs to choose from as well. Personalize and order your custom MacBook Air 13 cover online using our built-in designer featuring a 3D viewer and Augmented Reality.

Product Specifications:
- Size: Various sizes available
- Material: Hard case shell cover plastic.
- Type: Stylish laptop sleeve for protection and style

How to design your customized MacBook Air 13 cover
Step 1: Choose a pre-made template or the "Design Your Own" blank, and upload the design or photo you prefer to be printed, and place it on the print area. You can also use our collage feature to upload more than one image.
Step 2: As you are satisfied with the design which you can preview in 3D, you can proceed to checkout and fill up your details to purchase.

Kindly refer to the 3D viewer in order to get a better idea about the placement and size of your custom design on the MacBook Air 13 cover. Ensure that your design and/or uploaded images are of high resolution. If it looks pixelated on your screen when you zoom in, the resolution isnโ€™t high enough. Try not to use dark colors on top of each other.